Vision, Mission, Core Values

About Us


To be the platform for members/businesswomen, enabling them to connect, collaborate and do commerce with a billion women in the larger commonwealth network.


Strengthening the commonwealth by building businesses, and advancing women from the 54 countries in one platform. CBWN-K’s mission is driven by the 3Ts, which are Talent, Training and Trade.


Identifying and developing talents to economically empower women for the betterment of the community, regardless of the sector.  Talent can be nurtured and honed into a fine skill that will earn.


Connecting and assisting businesswomen to access the necessary knowledge and skills to help them move to the next level.


Opening new markets, and positioning both personal and business brands for international trade (goods and services)

Core Values

The core values of an organisation are the foundation upon which employees base their workstyle and behaviour. Core values are the principles from which stakeholders are able to predict the company conduct and its employees’ behaviours. The values are principles on which the organisation is based. Core values are constant. They are the basic elements of how employees carry out their everyday work.

Core values govern personal relationships, guide business processes, articulate what we stand for, help explain why we do business the way we do, guide us in making decisions and underpin the whole organisation. They are essential tenets.


To have a marked effect or influence in our community


To maintain high levels of leadership and personal accountability at the core of our commitment to the network, members, stakeholders and partners.


Continuous personal development as individuals and as teams


CBWN-K strives to set a high standard for implementing sustainable business practices throughout the organisation